FMS FCX24 All Metal Axles Upgrade

RC portal axles for 1/24 1/18 scale FMS FCX24 Smasher K5 Blazer Power Wagon Lemur FCX18 LC80 Land Cruiser 80 RC crawler upgrade.

FCX24 full metal front rear axles, front axle weight without steering rod: 79.2g/2.79oz rear axle weight: 58.3g/2.06oz increase the lower body's weight and improve stability.

Made of high-quality brass & aluminum material, CNC machined for precision, increased strength, and accuracy, and easy upgrade from the original part.

The RC all-metal door axle kit package includes front and rear axle assemblies, steel differential straight axles, steering rods, adapters, etc., which can be directly upgraded.

Using the differential lock provided in the kit, the original door shaft assembly with a differential can be manually replaced with a door shaft without a differential lock. If the car's driving direction is reversed after replacement, you only need to adjust the direction of the motor line to return the vehicle to normal driving.

The portal axle kit comes with a differential lock door axle that you can install directly.

Please note that after installation, there is a probability that your throttle direction will be reversed.


Here are two solutions:

1. Adjust the forward and reverse differential on the remote control.

2. Change the direction of the large gear inside the shaft cover.


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