GLOBACT 30% OD Transmissions Set Forward Motor Mount Set With Delrin Spur Gear

This 1/10 LCG transmission is not only suitable as an upgrade part for the 1/10 Axial SCX10 Capra but it can also be used as a DIY chassis to build a new crawler vehicle

RC transmission set, including low-speed gear ratio and high-speed gear ratio. The low-speed gear ratio provides high torque output and climbing ability, and the high-speed gear ratio provides high driving speed, achieving a high-performance climbing effect where the front drive of the vehicle is fast and the rear drive is slow.

This 1/10 LCG gearbox has a front transmission output of 1.9:1, a rear transmission output of 2.6:1, and comes with 56T Spur Gear, providing about 30% overdrive effect for your 1/10 RC crawler vehicle."

The gearbox case is composed of an aluminum alloy shell and an aluminum alloy Motor Mount. The gearbox gears and motor teeth are made of steel. The 56T spur gear is made of Polyformaldehyde, which is low noise and durable.

30% OD transmission set you can flip the internal gear of the transmission and change the position of the shaft connected to the motor, thus changing whether the vehicle as a whole is overspeeding or decelerating.


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