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GLOBACT Aluminum Front & Rear Suspension Arms for 1/10 Arrma Senton Granite 4X4 3S/550 VORTEKS 4X4 Upgrades Parts RC Truck Replace Arrma AR330443 AR330516

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【Compatibility】Suit for 1/10 Arrma Senton suspension arms 3S/550, Granite suspension arms 3S/550, VORTEKS 3S suspension arms, BIG ROCK 3S suspension arms.

【Easy Upgrade】Easy upgrade replace Arrma AR330516 AR330443, (Pay attention to check whether the suspension arms model of the vehicle manual is AR330516 AR330443, To avoid the returns products and save your time due to the inconsistent model).

【Aluminum Alloy Material】Front & Rear Suspension A-Arms Set is made of aluminum alloy material for increased crash resistance and long-lasting durability during the most extreme RC action.

【High Precision】CNC precision machining, Perfectly combined with Caster Block, Easy upgrade from the original part.

【What You Get】2x Front suspension arms, 2x Rear suspension arms, 8x Suspension pins, 8x Screws.

Product Details

Item Name: N3 Spark Glow Plug
For: Nitro Engines
Material: Steel
Six corners: 8 mm
Height: 17.2 mm
Quantity: 5pcs
Weight: 5g/1PC

The correct use of Hot Glow Plug:
1. After using it for a period of time, check whether the Hot Glow Plug heating wire is too white or deformed, and replace it if necessary.
2. After the engine is started, unplug the igniter, the engine speed drops or stalls, eliminate the cause of rich oil, and replace it in time.
3. Do not plug the igniter on the Hot Glow Plug for a long time when the engine is working, it will accelerate the aging of the Hot Glow Plug heating wire.
4. The engine's high-temperature knock phenomenon will also make the Hot Glow Plug easy to damage.


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